Why didn't I blog over the weekend? New laptop identity crisis!

Forgive me reader for I have sinned, it has been four days since my last blog post.

In that post I declared the intent to at some point get a new laptop, well I have one now. It's the very same one that I intended to get in my last blog... or is it? Actually yes and no, because although it is exactly the make and model that I was writing about previously, it is not the same laptop.

First thing I noticed when setting it up was that it was not locating one of the drives. The SSD drive appeared to be missing. I went through several checks to see what the problem could be, and looked on various forums to see if this was normal and if it was hidden until something else gets activated or whatever.

The truth of the matter is that it actually doesn't have one.

It's the Acer Aspire model V3-772G-747a8G1TMakk. According to the specifications from various sources it does indeed have an ssd on board, however there's another designation for it... NX.M8SEG.025, which is basically one of a couple of dozen designations for what on the surface appears to be exactly the same laptop. This particular designation shows that it doesn't have the SSD.

The stores seem unaware of the differences, selling what they believe are just two versions, the V3-772G and the V3-772G-747a8G1TMakk.

My question is a simple one, if they have different versions that are VERY different, such as in that they lack one of the drives, surely it would be a hell of a lot more consumer-friendly of them to actually call each different laptop by a VERY different name.

There has been much debate in my household over the weekend as to whether I should return it as 'not as described' or keep it anyway because my other one is suffering somewhat and when all is said and done this is one hell of a machine (I am writing on it right now). I decided to keep it, and will be very soon contacting Acer regarding this issue to see what excuse they could possibly have for making 35 versions of the same named machine.

Anyway, that, and the general stuff life throws in my path, is why I haven't blogged for the past few days.

I may well be blogging an update to this at some point in the not too distant future, but for the time being I am busy loading software, transferring files, and attempting to catch up on the work I didn't have enough computer power to do before.

This has been a Mighty Joe Blog.

Thank you for reading.

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