Dirty Old Men? I don't think so!

Todays' blog is about Clare Ettinger. This girl attended a prom only to be treated like shit and kicked out because of a dress-code that she didn't actually violate. Here's the dress:

Looks normal doesn't it! Note that it is 'fingertip length', it's important ;)

You can read the story here:

I read this post and many of the comments which followed. To me there's something which doesn't make a whole lot of sense here, which is that the men on the balcony are held largely responsible. I wasn't there, so don't know the truth, but reading the story as presented I would say that if this was a court case against the men in question there'd be no tangible proof offered of misconduct on their behalf, just a supposition that middle aged men all lust after teenage girls.

It reads very much as if the girl in question attended the Prom adhering to the dress code, but Mrs. D argued the point, only to be shown beyond any doubt that the dress was well within the rules. There are those 'Jobsworths' with an axe to grind against the younger and prettier. They do not like being told that they are wrong, and will try to justify their own bias any way that they can.

At the time of writing this I am 49, and I look at the 17 year old girl in the picture and genuinely think that yes, she is pretty, but not worthy of lusting over. Real life isn't 'American Beauty' and not all men in their forties or whatever age lust after 17 year old blondes in sparkly dresses. It's a sad stereotype and one I'd love the see the back of. She is presenting herself as somewhat virginal but taking pains to point out just how much like a woman she is. It's a beautiful bit of self-promotion and I can't help but think that she'll milk it until it pays off.

I'm also more inclined to suspect that Clare Ettinger probably had a little attitude in her voice when pointing out that Mrs. D was wrong. 'Yes Ma'am' can be said a number of ways, and it's easy to drop a heavy tone of arrogance into it. The very fact that she argued with one of the organizers is enough to get her kicked out, given that people in authority aren't keen on being told that they are wrong. This is after all about a 17 year old girl, and 'Christian' or not teenagers generally come with 'attitude' as standard.

The presentation of the story is so biased against the men on the balcony that I would suspect it was presented as a 'scare tactic' to make the girl more likely to dress down and conform in the future. Nobody has confirmed any of the men actually were involved in any misconduct or even had said anything specific about anyone. It was all conjecture as names are not being named here.

Mrs. D sounds like a real bitch and a bully who shouldn't be allowed to teach or supervise youngsters. If things went down as described, Clare should never have been booted out, and certainly her friends should have been refunded. I think they should all be adequately compensated for the ruination of what should have been a milestone event for them and receive a public apology from Mrs. D.

As for the men on the baalcony, let's hear what they have to say about it before they are publicly vilified.

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